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Congratulations. You are about to embark on a totally new and rewarding knitting experience using my hexagonal knitting needles. The hexagonal shape allows for easy control of needle handling while producing beautiful uniform stitches. This unique shape allows the beginning knitter to quickly master control of the needles and the advanced knitter to knit for longer periods of time with less muscle fatigue and hand stress.
Indian Lake Artisans ™ brand knitting needles are from an environmentally responsible company dedicated to using local supplies and sustainable resources. The North American hardwoods are from sustainable forests in the Great Lakes region of the United States.

The walnut, cherry and maple wood used to create your new needles is sanded and hand rubbed using a completely natural beeswax to insure the finest quality and long life. The needles and their copper tops will only become more beautiful with age as they naturally patina with use.

insert Our company is based in Michigan and we maintain our mission to produce our knitting needles using materials and resources from Michigan companies. As a lifelong artist I understand the importance of using quality tools with any artistic endeavor or expression. These beautifully handcrafted needles with their decorative copper tops will look great in your knitting basket and feel even better in your hand. Enjoy the beauty of these hexagonal needles and the creations that you make with them!

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