Interchangeable Topper Stoppers


The newest addition to our handcrafted Indian Lake Artisan hexagonal knitting needle line is our interchangeable circular needle. The interchangeable needles are available as a complete set, and separate needle components. Our interchangeable needles have our patented hexagonal shape, and like our fixed circular needles, have a Michigan made stainless steel connector that swivels on the cord and provides a snag free join. The swivel prevents the interchangeable needle tips from unscrewing themselves as you knit. There is no need for a tightening tool as the stainless steel connector once screwed together and hand tightened will stay tight.

Topper Stoppers are the beautiful copper decorative ends from our single point needles. Each topper has a screw end to place on the end of an interchangeable cord, where your interchangeable needle tip screws on and off. The stoppers prevent your stitches from falling and slipping off your cord at the end of a circular cord length. Using two interchangeable circular tips, two cords and two copper topper stoppers will create a single point style jump needle. These are available as a set of two.

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Product Information

  • The hexagonal shape provides multiple resting points for your fingers
  • No need to grip the needle tightly to have control of the needles
  • Yarn rests on the outer points of the hex shape, this keeps your stitch gauge true to size
  • Flat side of the hexagonal shape is just underneath the yarn giving you a little extra room to easily slide your needle under the yarn to pick up your stitch
  • Knitting multiple stitches together or knitting into the front and back of a stitch has never been easier
  • You receive a very even tension and a crisply defined stitch
  • Circulars have a very smooth join that swivels
  • Made from North American hardwoods from sustainable forests in the Great Lakes region, walnut, cherry and maple
  • 100% natural beeswax finish, containing no petroleum products

Made in Michigan – Made in the USA

Wood Options & Characteristics

We handcraft our hexagonal knitting needles using three sustainable North American hardwoods; walnut, cherry and maple. The maple is the lightest in color, the strongest, and when we hand sand the needles, because of the dense wood grain, it polishes up to be the slickest of the three woods. The maple will never be as slick as a metal needle and the hexagonal shape keeps the stitches where you want them to be. The cherry wood is a medium honey color and is the middle range of slickness, and the walnut is the darkest color, chocolate like, and has the most grab. All three woods are smooth and the differences are fairly minor. The size 2 is our smallest size and we can only make the size 2’s in the maple wood. Sizes 3, 4 and 5 we make in maple and cherry, and the size 6 and larger we can add in the walnut. We use 100% natural Michigan beeswax to condition the wood during the sanding process. There are no laminates or toxic finishes.